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Phone or Virtual Consultation

Responsibly Distanced - Technically Connected.

Before we come out to your home, let's schedule a time for you to speak with one of our Flooring Specialists to identify the right flooring for your needs and see if we're the right fit for your project. This quick call should take less than 15 minutes, but we'll be happy to chat as long as you need. 

If after this call we both agree there is reason to get together, we'll be happy to schedule your in-home consultation following current guidelines for safer interactions.  

If you'd like to just skip ahead and have us come out, just click here to schedule an in-home consultation. 

Otherwise, start by using the menu below to pick a day, then a general time (morning, afternoon, evening).  In the next steps you can tell us if there's a better time to connect.  You can also indicate what method of communication you prefer for your virtual consultation so we can send you the appropriate connect details. 

We look forward to connecting with you.

Phone or Virtual Consultation

Sorry, we don't currently have any availability at this time.


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