Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQs)
PLEASE NOTE - due to rapidly changing material prices, our online catalog may not be displaying current pricing. We are working to fix this. Please confirm pricing with your flooring specialist before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Center FAQ

Yes, we are still safely conducting in-home appointments. Our Flooring Specialists wear masks, maintain physical distance, and sanitize hands, equipment and samples between appointments.

“The entire Chicagoland area (city and suburbs)”

Rarely get callers from outside our area - they usually only find us because we’re  promoting or listed in their area. But sometimes comes up with people that find us looking for a specific material. 

Estimates are free of cost and obligation. We’re a low-pressure company. But, if you like us, the product, and the price, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business like we do with most people we visit. 

Well that depends.  (jokingly) A single room of beige carpet (eg. customer is selling, not really picky) can be wrapped up in a few minutes.   A whole house of flooring where the customer wants to explore many different material, color and design ideas will take longer. 

Your Flooring Specialist will discuss your situation, flooring challenges and goals to determine a good starting point for products.  Then the rooms/areas will be accurately measured using our high-tech combination of lasers and laptops. Your Flooring Specialist will show you a collection of product samples that will work with your conditions and goals. With hundreds of name-brand samples in our Mobile Showrooms, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.   With a product selection made, we’ll put together a detailed proposal of products and services for your review.  If it all looks good, we’ll check on material availability and schedule your installation.

Most of our installations are about a week from the time the order is placed. 

Expanded… we’re not the “next day” company like the one you probably see on TV all the time where they stock a limited selection of items they’ll try to push on you.   To offer the wide range of material options we do most will be custom ordered. In stock material can usually get from the manufacturer to us within a week.  Most customers are happy to “select and schedule” rather than “settle in exchange for speed”

Note - we call these “install only” leads. Most likely to come from ONE source called “Goodzer” as they can’t or won’t filter them out. 

That’s great that you already know what you want. Can you tell me about the product you’ve had your eye on?  (or the product you already bought?) 

We’ll let your flooring specialist know. He may reach out with some additional questions before the appointment, but regardless, it’s great that we have a starting point. 

Without being a product expert, I suggest we don’t try to have agents go too far down this path with callers.   

Just try to find out as much as possible. Manufacturer, style, store they saw it, etc.   

We rarely install material that customers purchase elsewhere.  Would McDonalds cook up the ground beef you walked in the front door?  The reality is that many consumers find a “deal” on material from a liquidator or online store. These are often seconds or very low quality. Not only that, we don’t make a dime off of them, and we use our combined product and labor revenue and profit to determine our job costs. 

We just need to know all we can before the appointment. If they are dead set on a style we may already carry it, or have access to it, and assuming it is first quality, we can likely handle sourcing it at the same price they already saw. Makes life so much easier for everyone.

If they are dead set on a product (or have already purchased) from say, Lumber Liquidators or Floor and Decor (low quality) then we may reach out and try to persuade a change or just cancel the appointment.  Better to have the slot open to someone that we can service. 

Other times, what they think they want is not the right product for the job.  For example, they found some laminate they like, but want to put it in a bathroom.  Most of the time, what they like is either the visual, or the price.  We can generally work with that and swap them to something that is more appropriate.

Our typical appointment times are

  • Mon-Thurs 10, 1, 4, 7
  • Friday 10,1,4,7
  • Saturday 9,12,3

What is more important to you, time of day, or day of week?  And will all decision makers be available during that time? 

We give a 1 hour srrival window, but we generally arrive on time or within 10 minutes (traffic and weather permitting). If we’ll be any later than that, your Flooring Specialist will reach out.  Alternately, if we’re ahead of schedule, we’ll reach out to see if we can come earlier. 

These are not hard/fast times. We can generally do 9am or 8pm if needed, we have these intervals so that we can spend the time needed at one appointment, and then still be able to drive to another appointment even if it is at the other end of our service area. 

We can also try to sneak in an extra slot if it is quick. If in doubt, we set it up for the closest time and put in notes about the customer request (eg. pick the 10am slot, and say customer would like 9am if possible or the 7pm slot and say the customer isn’t home from work until 7:30) 

The other part that’s a little harder to deal with is squeezing things in. Just let us know and we’ll figure something out.  Sometimes, we may already be booked at 1 and 4, but the 1pm is a super quick 1 room of carpet and a request is for another 1pm that’s very close to the first 1pm, we can double book that.   But if they’re both long estimates, and far away, it won’t work. 

Unfortunately we can’t leave samples behind, so it is important than anyone involved with the decisions about this project be present to help pick styles and colors. 

Expanded… We also try to run a very efficient business and would like to be able to answer everyone’s questions at the same time and while we’re in the space. Having an absent decision maker call us the next day asking what we’ll do with “the corner in the kitchen where he has some concerns” usually isn’t something we’ll be able to answer remotely, but could have easily covered in person.

We do not operate a physical showroom (store).  Our company owned “MOBILE SHOWROOMS” carry hundreds of name brand products to choose from. You’ll be able to see the choices in your own space with your lighting, your paint, your furniture all without making multiple trips to a showroom. 

We understand this may be a big purchase for you and you may not have ever bought flooring before.  The reality is that there are too many variables to try to estimate a job without seeing it. Flooring type, material choice (can have a wide range), size of job (why we need to measure), and other conditions at your property (furniture, old flooring, trim, transitions, etc.).  I can give you a low number now and risk that you may be disappointed or even angry later. I can give you a high number now and you may just hang up on me and we never talk again.  Or, we can set up a no cost or obligation estimate so we can put together a plan based on material you choose for the areas you want to cover that will include all the services and options you’ll need.  Does that sound fair? 

Examples - we have carpet, pad and basic installation as low as $2/sf and luxury options that can easily get over $10/sf.    We have laminates and vinyls starting under $6/sf INSTALLED  And hardwoods starting under $8/sf INSTALLED

Yes, we are currently partnered with Synchrony Home. You may even already have an account with them as they provide financing for companies like Ashley Furniture, ABT (pronounced as the word abt not the letters) and others. There is always a 6 month no-interest option available, but it can extend beyond that depending on the size of job and the materials chosen. We also accept all major credit cards, checks and of course cash. 

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