Our Story

Our story

The story behind the company

Proud to be Family Owned and OperatedFloors Come True is a family-owned business proudly serving Chicago and the suburbs with quality, value, integrity and professionalism.

Over the course of many years in the flooring business with a very large company, our founder, Kevin Wielgus has bought, sold and installed millions of square feet of flooring. Armed with big company experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, he started Floors Come True to fill a void in the highly competitive local flooring market.  

Clearly the competition can't be all bad. After all, they are keeping their doors open and those jingles jingling. We simply believe they're not the right fit for every situation or customer. So, we set out to take the best of what the competitors offered or how they did business, and do away with the negatives. Research for this was fairly straightforward. Thanks to online customer reviews and our own business experience, we could see where the customers were experiencing challenges with their flooring projects.

Product Selection - From the special buys that Big Box stores offer on entry-level products to luxury materials typically only found at boutique stores, we strive to offer a great selection and value at all price points among all the product categories we offer. 

Value (and Values) - Price is certainly an important consideration, but it is rarely the most important point when it comes to a home improvement project. We hope to strike a balance with our pricing so that when the job is done, you'll feel that the results were more valuable than the price you paid.

Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. We treat every customer as if they were referred by a close friend or family member that we're going to see at an upcoming party. By skipping marketing gimmicks and having a no-pressure yet transparent shopping process, we set the foundation for the rest of our relationship with each customer.

Professionalism is easier said than it is put into practice. This topic is also a great example of how bigger isn't always better. When companies get too big, they risk growing their business volume faster than they can assure the quality of their work. Finding enough quality installers to handle incredible volumes of installations is a daunting task let alone trying to monitor those jobs. Responsible growth makes it possible to get to know our installers and their capabilities to make sure they align with our values and expectations. 

We look forward to making your Floors Come True! 
Kevin & Lisa Wielgus

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