Flooring for Real Estate Professionals

We Love Agents.
agents Love Us.

More in common than you may think

• Our jobs involve homes and decisions our clients will live with for many years
• Major purchase that people don't make often, and can be confusing
• Financing is often involved
• Clients likely to use our services again, but several years later.
• Reputations, relationships and referrals are the lifeblood of our businesses.

With so much in common, it just makes sense to work together.  After talking to hundreds of real estate professionals, we learned the number one criteria for referring clients to service providers was simply knowing their clients would be taken care of.  While we strive to take care of every customer like they were a part of the family, referrals from our real estate partners get extra special treatment. 

Here are a few ways we can work together.

Seller services

Replace to Sell - We have put together a list of popular neutral styles and colors that are seller friendly and can hit the right quality and budget marks for homes in just about every price range.  

Budgets and opinions - Perhaps your seller is not in a position to replace flooring, but really should. Let us help put together a reasonable budget to replace the flooring that can either be used to help your pricing/negotiations, or for the buyer to help budget for the flooring purchase on their own.   

Pre-Measure for Buyers - We'll keep your listings measurements on file, so if the buyer wants an easy way to replace the carpet, we won't even have to visit the home again. We can visit the buyers at their current residence, making the process extremely easy and convenient.

Buyer services

Priority Measurements during inspections - With special arrival windows available exclusively to your clients, we can meet at the property to take measurements during the home inspection. While products may be shown, we understand this is a hectic time, so we will gladly meet your customers again at their current residence to go over flooring options.  

Enhanced Project Coordination - We’ll coordinate the installation with other move-in milestones such as closing, painting, movers and furniture/appliance deliveries.   

This is so much easier than calling us after the closing and hoping to get carpet installed quickly before a move in a few days. In-stock carpet, at any flooring store, is not likely the color or quality a customer would like. Day 1 in a new home should not be about "settling" it should be about settling in. 

Marketing co-op

We not only have unique and hassle-free programs to help you connect your clients with a trusted flooring consultant, but also provide you with incentives to do so. 

If you are influential in your community, we'll be happy to help spread the word about our relationship. Your Floors Come True Relationship Manager will be able to tell you more about these great programs. 

Agent Education

We’re happy to come to your office and speak to a group of agents at once. This can be a fun addition to your weekly/monthly/quarterly sales meetings. We’re happy to give you as much or as little flooring knowledge as you’d like.  

We'll even bring refreshments!

Invite Floors Come True to speak at your office.

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