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Laminate flooring is smart choice to get the look of wood with a durable finish.

Before you browse our online flooring catalog, a few quick tips.

  • All our online pricing INCLUDES Product, and Basic Installation. 
  • We have laminate options starting under $7 per square foot INSTALLED.
  • Don't overthink it. Nothing you click here is final. We'll bring samples to your in-home consultation so you can touch and see them in your own space.
  • We try our best to keep the online catalog current. We can promise you that there's always more available then we have online. 
  • See something you like - add it to your favorites. We'll be able to get to know your taste. 
  • Don't see anything you like? Just ask. Chances are we have it or can get it. We work directly with major mills such as Shaw, Casabella, Eagle Creek, Aspen, Mannington, and more. 
  • Focus on how you want your new laminate to look, feel and last.  
  • Don't worry about becoming an expert, that's our job.
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  • Not sure where to start?  Keep reading to see some of the top factors people consider when choosing a laminate floor. Don't let this weigh you down. Our flooring specialists will help guide you through the selection process based on your individual wants, needs and circumstances. 

    When it comes to the look of laminate, you may want to check out our hardwood introduction since laminate is imitating the look of actual hardwood, many of the visual characteristics of laminate will be similar to those of their hardwood counterparts.  

Primary benefits

The primary benefit of Laminate flooring is that it is one of the most scratch resistant options when it comes to flooring that gives you a wood visual.  

Couple that together with its overall affordability, and there's no wonder this category of flooring has grown over the years. 

Material thickness

The general consensus with laminate flooring is that thicker is better. The thickness of a laminate floor comes from its MDF/HDF core. Total thickness tends to range from 6mm (1/4") to 12mm (1/2"). 

This typically doesn't directly correspond to durability, but since laminate floors are installed using the floating method, thicker floors do tend to feel and sound more like hardwood. 

Quick point about "hollow" or "squishy" or "bouncy" laminate floors - if you use any of those words to describe a floor, it was most likely an installation related issue, not the fault of the actual flooring material.

individual planks vs. "x-on-1" visuals

Some entry-level laminates may be ~7" wide, but have a a visual of 2 or 3 smaller pieces of wood on the same piece of laminate.  This imitates the look of traditional narrow strip hardwood flooring while not requiring installers to click together 2 or 3 times the number of laminate planks.  The only real drawback here is that at the end of eavery piece of laminate, you may have the visual of 2 or 3 planks joining together - something that wouldn't happen with actual hardwood strip flooring.

Most modern laminate will have visuals that match the size of the laminate material, so a 5" wide laminate will have a picture of a 5" wide piece of wood. 

durability and moisture resistance

The durability of laminate flooring is usually rated using a scale of its abrasion class (AC) between 1 and 5 that objectively measures how the clear top layer of the laminate will stand up to abrasion before the visual/photo layer is impacted.   Floors Come True only sells material rated at least AC-3 or higher or its equivalent. 

Many products claim to be moisture resistant even water proof. Our flooring professionals will gladly discuss this with you in more detail to see if Laminate really is a good fit for your particular application. 

Shaw Avenues SL081

other laminate considerations

Were you looking for Pergo?  That's a brand name of products that gained notary for its laminate going back to the . Many people use the words Pergo and Laminate interchangeably, similar to using Kleenex to refer to all facial tissues. But to be fair, Pergo makes more than laminate, and there are a lot more laminate options than just Pergo. 

(Pergo and Kleenex are trademarks of their respective owners)

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