Flooring 101

Flooring 101


At Floors Come True, we have a lot of knowledge and experience to help you select the best flooring options for you, your home, your family and your unique set of circumstances. Flooring is definitely not a one-size-fits-all product. 

Of course, our Flooring Specialists can guide you through the many options and choices available to you, but for those customers that would like to be better informed, we offer this customer-friendly educational resource.

Don’t be surprised if your Flooring Specialist repeats some of the information in this section during your consultation. They all covered a more advanced version of this in their training to become Flooring Specialists.  Unlike our Flooring Specialists, you won’t be tested!

So, where did this information come from?

Industry Groups & Associations - Almost every product and service category has a national organization that puts forth information. This is usually not the most consumer friendly information, so we attempt to demystify it for you.

Manufacturers - To be fair, the information put out by manufacturers tends to be slightly biased. We represent a range of manufacturers with no alliance to any one company or product.  We take in their information and filter out the marketing to get to real features and benefits we can stand behind.

Installers - Our installers are the men and women that get products installed in your home. We rely on them to product exceptional results. If particular products make their job more difficult than it needs to be, or if there is a better way we can do things, these front-line partners are fantastic source of knowledge.

Customers- We've checked out rumors brought to our attention by customers, and we've checked in on post-installation reality with customers and non-customers alike. In fact, some of the most valuable lessons we've learned were from people that didn't even buy from us.

Competitors - We constantly monitor the competitive landscape. Sometimes the competition spots a trend that we embrace, other times, they promote information we disagree with.

Common Sense - Information from all these sources and more is processed by our management team on an ongoing basis. But before we share our opinions in the form of education, we do due diligence to verify any claims and also make sure that what we're communicating makes sense to our customers.

Check out these topics, or feel free to ask a question using the form on this page.

Have a nagging flooring question that we haven't answered yet? or just a topic you'd like to see us cover? Let us know here.

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