Site Finished or Refinished Hardwood

Site (re) Finished Hardwood

New or existing hardwood sanding, staining and finishing.

Sanding and finishing hardwood inside of your space has some great advantages as you consider updating your home. 

Most of the wood finishing projects we work on fall into one of these situations:

  • Restore existing wood to remove scratches/wear and return the floor to its original beauty.
  • Change color and/or finish/gloss of existing wood.
  • Add more hardwood to existing wood and blend together to make it appear as though it was originally installed that way (example picture on this page).
  • Install completely new hardwood floors.
  • Convert carpeted stairs to hardwood and finish to compliment new or existing floors.

Site finishing or refinishing hardwood hardwood gives you great control over the color and gloss level that you just can't get with pre-finished materials. 

When we meet to discuss your project, go over all the details needed to make sure the job goes smoothly. We'll also work to set proper expectations about the results and the disruption this process can have on your home and family. 

We will also identify if any existing floors can be refinished. 

Most of the (re)finishing work we do uses water-based stain and finishing materials which have lower VOC ratings which helps keep the odor to a minimum. We only use the highest quality name-brand materials from providers such as DuraSeal, Bona and Loba. 

No two homes are the same, but no matter your situation, we'll strive to deliver you the best possible results with the least possible disruption to your home and lives. 

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