Carpet 101 - What you need to know

Carpet 101

Helping you go way beyond face weight

Here are a few topics we regularly encounter when discussing carpet with our clients.  These are general topics for informational purposes only. Be sure to discuss your particular circumstances with your Flooring Professional. 

Also, check out our blog for regular additions to our educational materials in a more conversational fashion. 

  • Let's address face weight

    To discuss face weight, we should first define it.  If you took a three foot square piece of carpet, shaved off all the fibers on top of the carpet, then weighed those fibers, you'd have the carpet's face weight.  This gives you a simple statistic about a carpet usually expressed as "ounces per yard"  or  60oz/yard for example.  

    Unfortunately, because it is so simple and seemingly objective, many retailers have started using face weight as the primary way to compare carpets.   While simple, this can be very deceptive in terms of product quality, mostly because it deals with a quantity figure and has nothing to do with quantity. 

    We wouldn't apply this same reasoning to other buying decisions. Would you say that a Quarter Pound burger would be the same if it came from McDonalds, Red Robin, or Morton's Steak House?  They all weigh a quarter of a pound, but clearly there are some differences in terms of quality, value, and price. 

    Face weight is only one of several factors that play a key role in determining carpet quality. To truly understand the quality of the carpet, all factors need to be taken into consideration, including, but not limited to: fiber twist, fiber type, guage, and carpet style.

  • Other Factors

    We'll get to more topics soon!  Here's what we have in store:

    • Material – Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Triexta, Olefin
    • Luster – add anything to change the sheen?  
    • Filament Shape  
    • Filament Size  
    • Filament Count  
    • Twist  
    • Dying - now or later
    • Gauge  
    • Thickness/Weight  
    • Design/Style  
    • Dying (if not already done)  
    • Backing  
    • Finishing  
    • Stain/Soil Treatments

    Your Flooring Professional will be happy to chat about any of these topics and more. If something is on your mind, but you're not ready for a consultation, just ask using the form below and we'll prioritize that topic. 


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