About our TRUE prices

What Does your TRUE Price Include?

You'll notice on this website that every product displayed includes basic installation and any appropriate carpet pad or underlayment material. 

You'll also be happy to know that the prices on this website, are the same prices that will be clearly labeled on the samples brought to your home. We call this our TRUE PRICE. With discounts, you may pay less, but you will never be asked to pay more than the TRUE PRICE for the product, materials and basic installation.

What is basic installation?

Simply put, basic installation is installing your chosen flooring in a room that has no furnishings or existing flooring and requires no special preparation or finishing. 

We do not sell material without installation. We're simply not set up for it.  And with the exception of tiles, we do not generally install material purchased elsewhere. Our TRUE PRICE includes what all of our customers will need for a particular flooring. Some customers, of course, may need more products or services to complete their installation. Your Flooring Specialist will cover these topics during your phone or in-home consultation.

We believe in a pay for what you need pricing model. We don't base our basic prices off of what you may need, only what we know you will need.  Think of it another way... raising the price of your meal by $2.00 to include a drink may be simple, but if you only drink water, it really isn't in your best interest.

What other costs might there be?

We don't like to get ahead of ourselves without seeing an actual jobsite. But some common additional services include:
• Pad or underlayment upgrades
• Removing and disposing of existing flooring
• Furniture and appliance handling
• Custom stairs
• Floor preparation
• Trim and/or transitions

Many of our customers learn that their projects qualify for discounts that can reduce or even eliminate the costs for additional services. Other customers either don't need any of these services, they handle on their own, or are being handled by another service provider as part of a larger project. 

are the prices negotiable?

Not really. Discounts are not negotiation, and we do offer discounts. Discounts are based on objective circumstances and not on your ability to haggle.  Our most common discounts are for volume. 

When we spread the fixed costs associated with any project over more square feet, we can charge less per square foot.  Your flooring specialist will cover discounts for jobs over 500 sf, 1000 sf and 2000 sf. You don't even have to ask for the discount, it's just what we do. 

Need a single 100 SF room carpeted, you'll pay our True Price as posted online and our samples. Give us the whole house to work with, and you'll pay less per foot.  Simple enough. 

So, price x Square feet = my budget?

Not final, but it certainly gets us in the ballpark.  You can add flooring products to your list of favorites and calculate a ball park figure based on the square footage you estimate will be needed.  Don't worry, that doesn't commit you to anything, we just want to help out with the math. 

The most common discrepancy we see is the consumers underestimate the amount of material needed for a job. We cover this in other sections of the website, but as a quick example, while a 10' x 10' room may be 100 square feet, it is more like 120 square feet of carpet since most carpet comes on a 12 foot wide roll. There's no set figure for how much extra you'll need. Every job is different. Our high-tech measuring system will get to the right quantity for your job.

Once actual measurements are performed, additional services are factored in, and any applicable discounts have been applied, we'll have a real number that we'll gladly give you in writing. If it doesn't fit into your budget, our mobile showrooms have hundreds more samples we can explore together to find a fit. 

Let's get started!

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