Why Should You Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted On: 2/23/2022

  • In addition to being a requirement to maintain your new carpet's warranty, regular professional cleanings are just a good idea. 

    Your home's carpet is a giant air filter. Even carpet in rooms that don't get used often will trap dust and other dirt. Once between the carpet fibers, the dust and dirt act like tiny abrasives scratching the carpet at the fiber level. Steam or hot water extraction loosens the dust/dirt and carries it away. 

    In addition, steam or hot water extraction reactivates and revitalizes carpet fibers, physically returning it as close as possible to its heat-set condition when it left the factory. If you've ever worn a pair of jeans that stretches out during the course of the day, but then fits fine after a wash and dry, you know what we mean. Looking for a carpet cleaning professional? Call John with Adams Carpet Cleaning 847-212-5729.

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